Sliding Doors Handles

With this sliding doors handles every detail is studied, nothing is left to chance.

In order to offer the best design, Koblenz architects do long and detailed market researches to discover the most advanced materials and styles, enriching it with their own creativity and know-how, to create unique and inimitable products.

To furnish with versatility and functionality all types of environment, different models are available. The sliding doors handles divide itself in several categories: linear and minimal are perfect for modern and futuristic spaces, curved to follow with class the shape of the hand, in wood to give a warm sensation when touched.

Sliding doors handles are available in different colors without lock, to satisfy every need. From a technical point of view, Koblenz is synonym of quality and endless lifetime. If the best materials are chosen to build the frame and hinges of the door itself, the same criteria is applied to the sliding doors handles.

Only the best steel, the best alloys, the best woods are taken in consideration to be part of what Koblenz considers as a unique and beautiful design project.

Inside, these sliding doors handles are built with oil-based self-lubricating material, the screws are hidden for a pleasant view effect, and moreover, the assembly can be done from non-experts also, quickly and on every kind of door panel.

What are you waiting for? It is time to buy these sliding doors handles!

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