Italian Doors Hinges

Italian door hinges: the best quality of Made in Italy.

As it is known, Made in Italy is a guarantee of reliability and quality worldwide. Koblenz has a thirty-year experience of hinges production, since it was founded in 1984. From then on, the company has developed a more and more specialized range of door hinges. Moreover, Koblenz has been the first company to patent an italian door hinge. The patent attests Koblenz high standards of quality according to the technology and the material employed. The most important trait of these Italian door hinges is that they can be used both for hinged doors and for sliding doors. In other words, Koblenz italian door hinges are the best option to the old and traditional hinges, as they are less bulky. Furthermore, this new system of hinges can make your home or office doors more solid and secure. The Italian door hinges patented by Koblenz suit every technical requirements and every design.

Why should you choose the Italian door hinges? Obviously, it is an example of reliability and quality of Made in Italy. All the Italian door hinges are realized to ensure long time efficiency and endurance of the doors. So if you are looking for something efficient and resistant, the Italian door hinges are the best answer for you demands!

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