Hinges for panel doors

Koblenz provides hinges for door panels to meet your needs. The cherished design permits the perfect integration of these components, which perfectly fit with your house style. In this way the sliding system becomes a central part of the interior design.

The functionality of a sliding system for panels and doors rather than the traditional one entails many advantages. First of all it is a stylish solution and secondly it makes movement easier. Hinges for panel doors are thought to make your life as light as a sliding door. They can be applied to glass-doors, or wood-ones, no matter for the material you chose. They accord with the location and value your furniture, because of their aesthetic impact. Hinges for door panels also are perfect to open a passage into compact-profile structures, making the architecture of wide ambience both safe and versatile.

Koblenz sliding systems can be used in many places, they are perfect for houses, show-rooms, offices, and wherever style has to meet functionality. Their hinges for door panels are made to last matching each type of application for any kind of structures. This means you can choose the door panel which best fits your style, we will supply you the system to make it functional.

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