Hinge for furniture

Koblenz hinges for furniture are characterized for their ergonomics, resistance and truly innovative design. The main task of the hinges is to facilitate a safe and calibrated movement of the doors of the furniture.

Each door requires specific hinges for furniture that could be able to adapt to the shape, the weight and design of the specific functional situations and furniture. Our wide range of hinges allows you to find the model that best meets your needs.

Koblenz hinges for furniture are quality Made in Italy products, certified to last for many years. Design and technology of hinges for furniture are designed to make these patented accessories discreet and efficient.

The wide range of hinges for furniture is able to offer the most suitable solution to the characterization of any furniture’s type. Size, material, furniture line: Koblenz offers you a chance to find the accessory that best suits to the technical and design needs for your furniture in a discreet and efficient way.

The wide range of Koblenz hinges for furniture is the best choice for those who expect efficiency and durability from their furniture. The objective is to meet the needs of all the furniture’s manufacturers that also demand from this type of components not only quality and performance, but a simple design as it is innovative. Koblenz hinges for furniture is a patented solution that can reduce the clutter of traditional hinges for doors.


Koblenz hinges for furniture are guaranteed by a patent for certified quality, by virtue of technology, quality of materials and innovation of the product, providing reliable and technologically advanced products.

So, why don’t you try them? Check out Koblenz hinges for furniture right now.

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