Glass Door Sliding Systems

Glass door sliding systems: style and elegance!
Krona glass door sliding systems are realized to ensure the right slipping and functioning of glass doors. The company ‘s technology is highly specialized in order to guarantee the quality standards. Firstly, the quality of the doors motion at the moment of sliding and closing. Secondly, the quality of quietness as the glass door sliding systems have a special abs which generates silent movement of the door. Moreover, these systems are set up with trucks made with a special polymer, known as Derlin, which gives more resistance to the structure.
So if you need security at home or at work, this system is strictly recommended to you.

Have you bought a new house and you’re thinking of creating an extraordinary construction? Why don’t you create a bright environment using glass door sliding systems? It is sure that this solution would have a strong impact on all people who came to see your new home sweet home.

Are you not renovating home, but your aim is to change the look of your office, because it is too dark and boring? You can choose the glass door system to give light to your work environment. Thanks to glasses you can exploit the sunlight and your office will never be the same! Lights will let you appreciate your workplace and working hours will become pleasant.

Thus, glass door sliding system suits all demands and all surroundings.
Let’s have a look at the catalogue and choose the best glass door sliding system for you!

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