Folding Doors System

Folding door systems are the latest great addition to Koblenz product range: together with our well-renowned sliding and swinging doors we provide a full range of products for any door solution and the best service in terms of quality and choice.

Thanks to our folding door systems you can achieve the best space optimization and the best freely moving result, without losing at the same time the design concept.

Our team of experts will offer you the right solution for any need you may have, by studying and preparing every single detail, such as opening size or frame designs, in order to provide different types solutions for any furniture segment, from the entire installation of the door to just the counter frame or door rolling systems.

Furthermore the installation of our panels is quite easy and effortless.

External or internal, our folding doors fit any door frame, maintaining the perfect standard for style, function and performance. Furthermore our offer is enriched with a wide range of different accessories such as hinges and handles, glass solutions etc.

Thanks to our rapid prototyping machines we boast a superior know-how and an advanced production process.

What about discovering a new way of living your house? Free your space with our moving and folding door systems.

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