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Koblenz door hinges are made according to the highest standards to meet the needs of efficiency and durability of the doors. Each door manufacturer will find in Koblenz door hinges the response to their needs, not only in terms of reliability and efficiency, but also of refined and advanced design. Koblenz door hinges are a patented solution that can reduce the clutter of traditional door hinges.

Koblenz door hinges are characterized for their ergonomics, durability and truly innovative design. The main task of the hinges is to facilitate a safe and calibrated movement of the doors.
Each door requires specific hinges which are able to adapt to the shape, weight and design of specific functional situations in furniture. Our wide range of hinges allows you to find the model that best meets your needs.

Koblenz door hinges are a Made in Italy quality certified to last. Design and technology of these door hinges are designed to make these accessories to be patented, discreet and efficient.
These door hinges have obtained a patent on the basis of certified quality technology and materials. Choose them means to be completely sure they are reliable products that represent the state of design for high-technology and quality materials.
Koblenz is able to offer the most suitable solution to any kind of door. Size, material, furniture line: the company offers you a chance to find the accessory that best suits to your door.

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