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Koblenz door handles Italy: we produce handles with experience, passion and precision.
If you’ re making some changes at home or in your office and you want to make your door special, Koblenz door handles may answer your needs. The company produces three kind of door handles: Kuadra for sliding doors and hinged doors and Cirkle for sliding doors. Both Kuadra door handles are available in three different colors: satin chrome, polished chrome and polished gold. Particularly, the polished gold door handle is realized with a treatment, called Diamond, which makes the handle more resistant to wear. These door handles have really a minimalist design, so if you’re looking for something which sounds essential, it’s the best choice for you! However, if your style is more refined, probably the Cirkle door handle is the right option. Just the name, Cirkle, refers to its round shape, that is an innovation for door handles design. It can be adapted to glass doors or wooden doors too. So, you may install the Cirkle on a glass door simply by using a bioadhesive, on the contrary, if you’re installing it on a wooden door, you have to drill the wood.
Koblenz valorizes your door thanks to an innovative, minimal and sophisticated style.
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Door handles Italy: are you looking for a functional solution? Check Koblenz door handles site to make your dreams come true!

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